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Wednesday, January 24, 2024News

Texen designs the cap for Yves Saint Laurent's MYSLF fragrance

Texen imagine le capot du parfum MYSLF d'Yves Saint Laurent

As a product of refinement, perfume needs a luxurious packaging. For its latest fragrance launch, Yves Saint Laurent commissioned Texen to design the cap that adorns the bottle. A real technical challenge.

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“The MYSLF (Myself) hood features a remarkably subtle design. It blends streamlined lines with light and shadow decorations. Once the body of the hood and its insert have been injected, each component is decorated and then assembled in line. The finished product is delivered pre-assembled to the brand. The YSL logo is engraved on the inside of the insert and on the top of the cap, both oriented in a perfect axis in relation to the cap and the facing of the bottle,” explains Texen. “The aesthetics of the decorations are based on a low-solvent HES (High Extract Dry) varnish, followed by a pad printing pass on the top; this generates a bold contrast between the glossy walls and the matte top, enhanced by an elegant indentation at the corners. The pad printing hugs the smallest contours of the letters, revealing their relief. The extreme finesse of the grain and the ultra-smooth appearance of the surfaces make the technical complexity of these pieces unimaginable.”

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