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Sun Cream 30

Annemarie Börlind-Sun Anti Aging


Manufacturer’s Presentation

Water resistant

DNA-Protect Sun Cream 30 offers high sun protection and active cell and DNA protection. The natural DNA-Protect complex, developped to treat skin stressed by UV, fights free radicals which are harmful to the cells, and effectively counteracts the formation of UV damage. The DNA is thus better protected in situations of increased exposure to UV, while DNA repair in the cells is assisted. Extracts from the kombu alga, and an optimal UVA/UVB filter offer reliable protection against harmful UV rays. An anti-aging complex protects against premature skin aging caused by UV radiation. The skin’s youthful radiance is retained for a longer time.

• Based on nature • Dermatologically tested for efficacy and skin compatibility
• No parabens, silicones, PEG, synthetic colours, animal extracts

Made in Germay

Directions for use

Apply before sunbathing.
Avoid the intense midday sun. Apply several times to maintain sun protection particularly after swimming. Apply the suntain lotion generously. Applying less reduces the protection for your skin. Protects babies and children from direct sunshine. Dress babies and small children in protective clothes and use suntain lotions with a high sun protection factor (greater than 25). Even suntain lotion with a high SPF does not guarantee complete protection from UV radiation.
Avoid contact with eyes and textiles; permanent staining is possible.

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