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Enhanced Regeneration Serum

Dr. Pierre Ricaud-Renaissance de Nuit


Manufacturer’s Presentation

Chrono-repair system

Regenerating efficiency maximized for a “smoothed skin” effect on awakening.

Enhanced regeneration serum
The enhanced regeneration serum maximises cellular regeneration thanks to the chrono-restore+ technology that combines the chrono-repair system to noctoline, a powerful cellular stimulant, which intensifies its action.
Thanks to its effect on chronobiological mechanisms, the chrono-repair system reactivates the skin’s youth-generating functions in 2 phases*:
• Stimulates cellular repair
• Revives regeneration

Salicylic Acid: immediate resurfacing effect.
It allows a better absorption of creams, thus optimising their results.

Results: Upon waking, your face is visibly rested, energized, and smoothed.
*in vitro tests

Scientifically tested under dermatological control.

Paraben free

Made in France

Directions for use

Use in the evening on the entire face and neck, alone or under your usual night cream.
Do not use on irritated skin.
Stop the use in case of reaction.


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Soon online

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