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Qiriness-Temps Sublime


Manufacturer’s presentation

Ultimate Concentrate

A true concentrate of effectiveness, this exceptional two-phase treatment provides a global, fast and visible response to fight against the ageing of mature skin.
Its formula, ultra concentrated in powerful active ingredients, helps to boost longevity and cellular communication, essential factors for visibly younger and more radiant skin.
Your face is as if remodelled and wrinkles seem to be minimized.
Your skin radiates beauty and vitality.

For mature, dry and devitalized skin, with wrinkles and fine lines, lack of firmness, irregular pigmentation and brown spots.

Properties of the active ingredients:* Anti-wrinkle, redensifying, brightening booster, antioxidant, regenerating.

Active ingredients: Vitamins C & E, kiwiberry, myrtle extract, precious Camellia oils & musk rose, EOS stress relieving complex.
Dermatologically tested

Concentration of efficiency
In intensive serum*
As soon as applied: 95% The skin is more luminous
After 4 weeks: 100% The skin is visibly younger
100% The skin is as if lifted and firmed

In a 28 day cure*
As soon as applied: 95% immediate tightening effect
After 4 weeks: 100% of fine lines and wrinkles appear plumped & minimized
100% The oval of the face is remodelled

*Self-assessment test on 21 women (50 to 65 years old), after application of the Booster Temps Sublime used pure for 14 days.
**Self-assessment test on 21 women (50 to 65 years old), after application of the Booster Sublime Time mixed with the Caress Sublime Time for 28 days.

Made in France

Directions for use

1/ Concentrate: Shake
2/ Uses: Take 2 to 3 drops with the pipette.
3/ Apply.

Intensive serum: Use pure instead of the usual serum for 14 days.
Apply morning and evening to the face for 14 days, instead of your usual serum, before the cream.

28 day course: Mix with a dose of cream from the Temps Sublime range.
In the palm of your hand, mix 2 to 3 drops of the product with a dose of cream from the Temps Sublime range.
Apply morning and evening.


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