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Interesting active ingredient in deodorants: Prebiotic Butyloctanol

L’actif intéressant dans les déodorants : le Butyloctanol Prébiotique

Respecting the good bacteria and targeting the “bad” ones responsible for unpleasant odors, with the help of a plant-based prebiotic, is the principle used by Sanex to reinforce the effectiveness of its deodorants.

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It is known that sweat is initially odorless. It is the bacteria present on the surface of the skin that feed on the components of the sweat (fatty acids, sulfur amino acids, hormones…) and transform them into volatile and odorous waste.
And still, not all, because “some bacteria do not give bad odor to the sweat and others if (the case of Staphylococcus hominis and Corynebacterium tuberculostearicum),” explains Doctor Marie-Estelle Roux, Doctor of Medicine, specialized in Esthetic and Medical Dermatology.

By acting directly on the microbiome of the skin, by feeding the good bacteria and fighting the bad, prebiotics have a real role to play in deodorants. It is important not to unbalance the microbiome of the skin and in particular the microbiome of areas rich in sweat glands, such as the armpits, not to risk modifying or promoting body odor,“ continues the expert. This is the case of Prebiotic Butyloctanol, a fatty alcohol extracted from the root of purslane, which fights the bacteria responsible for odor.

It is present in the new Sanex BiomeProtect deodorants (Dermo Deodorant Anti-irritation or Hydrating Protection 48H, spray 200 ml without cap, which allows 54% less plastic, or ball 50 ml, 3.95 …

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