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Probiotics for intimacy

Les probiotiques de l’intime

It is obvious that intimate hygiene is particularly trendy, but innovations in this field are rare. Intibiome is one of them. This range of cleansing products enriched with specific prebiotics takes care of the intimate microbiome and is available according to age and lifestyle.

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Developed in partnership with gynecologists and clinically tested under gynecological and dermatological control, Intibiome (U-Labs) imagines three intimate cleansing care products, composed of 88-90% ingredients of natural origin and adapted for daily use, which offer three key benefits:
• Taking care of the intimate microbiome and strengthening natural intimate defenses, thanks to the action of a prebiotic, “fuel” for good bacteria (lactobacilli): glycogen, known to stimulate the growth of lactobacilli
• Protect from the intimate discomforts thanks to a postbiotic (the lactic acid) which creates an environment favorable to the balance of the microbiomes
• Gently cleanse the intimate area with gentle cleansing agents of plant origin (all formulas are sulfate-free) and preserve the hydrolipidic film through its richness in emollients and moisturizing agents

The brand states that “conventional soaps can alter the balance of the natural microbiome and that conventional shower gels contain washing agents (especially sulfates) that can be aggressive for this sensitive area.” Respect for the genital microbiome is a guarantee of good vaginal health. It plays an essential role in the protection of the intimate zone against the bad smells, the dryness, the irritations, the itchings and the infections," continues Dr. Bohbot, gynecologist-infectiologist, co-author …

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