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5 steps for a flawless complexion


A perfect complexion with no imperfection: that is the ideal many of us long for. But it is not that simple. Hormonal disruptions, food, stress, or pollution are all factors that can harm the skin condition. Still, there is no need to flee to the countryside to get a doll skin: makeup is an excellent ally in your pursuit for a perfect complexion… provided you know which products to choose and how to use them.

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The secret of the recipe to look flawless lies in only five steps. We promise anyone can do it!

Removing makeup-cleansing-hydrating

These three keywords must become a mantra. Before removing your makeup, your skin must be ready. To this aim, it is essential to cleanse it in the morning and at night. The best is to use a gentle cleanser like micellar water, or milk for those who prefer creamy textures. And once or twice a week, we recommend you to scrub your face gently to help your skin get rid of its dead cells.The hydration step is absolutely crucial. Skincare products help fix makeup, while preventing the skin from getting dry.

A smoothing base

Things get more serious after hydration. To work on your complexion, you will need to apply a base. There are many sorts of them. They can be smoothing, mattifying, or they can leave the skin radiant. And for those who like light makeup, the base can also be used alone, with a veil of powder.
But beware: it is not because you have used a makeup base that your face is hydrated. These are two different products, and they are not intended to play the …

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