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Wednesday, May 24, 2017Advising consumers

Feet beauty: 5 essential gestures


Summer is coming! And that is good news: at last, we can get lightly dressed and show our feet. However, after several months confined in their shoes, suffering the throes of winter, they look a bit sulky. So, before showing off with your sandals, CosmeticOBS has set up a list of 5 habits to be adopted for perfect feet.

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If they are often overlooked, our feet do need their own skincare routine to keep healthy and remain pleasant to look at!

A relaxing bath

They walk, they do sports, they wear ill-adapted shoes… as a result, our feet can feel painful or numb, or even get swollen. Making them bathe in water with salt contributes to relieving them and helps soften hard skin.
To this aim, there is no need to go to a beauty salon: you will just need a basin, water, some salt or an effervescent pebble, and that is all there is to it!
However, this ritual should not be performed more than once a week, nor with warm water, otherwise your veins will swell. And salt should be used sparingly, not to make the skin dry.

Pumicing and scrubbing

Now that your skin is suppler, it is time to scrub plantar roughness. Two tools are available: pumice stone or graters.
Both are to be used on wet skin, with small circular movements on the skin roughness.
Although pumicing contributes to making your feet soft and smooth, it is an aggression for the epidermis. If the gestures are too abrasive, your skin may respond by forming …

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