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When beauty has hot flushes


You do not like those days when it is humid? As a matter of fact, this equation is perfect when it comes to beauty! Indeed, one of the best rituals to adopt is to regularly go to a hammam to take care of yourself. What are the advantages? How to do it? Let us immerse ourselves in a foggy environment.

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Nestled in the heart of the 6th arrondissement, in Paris, Hammam Pacha is exclusively reserved to ladies: they opened their doors to CosmeticOBS, and we carried out our test in a hot atmosphere.

A bit of History

Treatments based on hot water are nothing new: the first hammams appeared during the Ancient Rome. Then, they were established in the Ottoman Empire and throughout the Maghreb.
As a real social phenomenon, hammam is part of the daily lives of North African people, who go there very regularly. ‘Hammam’ means ‘source of heat’ in Arabic.

Hammam: instructions for use

For the experience to be as conclusive and pleasant as possible, there is a precise order to be respected. That is the reason why Hammam Pacha offers an introductory video to the uninitiated, so they can understand how it works.
The three iconic aspects are the following:
• Apodyterium/frigidarium: locker room, relaxation room, shower
• Tepidarium: warm, transitional room
• Caldarium sudatorium: hot, sweating room. It is in there that you can find the furnace and the tank of boiling water

Shower with black soap
Once you have put on your swimsuit (you can be naked… no one should suffer from the cold), …

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