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Monday, January 22, 2018Advising consumers

Please conceal these unsightly pores!


Blocked, dilated, or visible pores are a recurring issue for a great part of the population. The appearance of pores is a real skin problem: it is public enemy no. 1 for many of us. As a matter of fact, the cosmetics industry keeps developing new products to try and conceal them. And yet, to make them invisible, several rules should be followed!

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Pores are narrow cavities located on the skin surface. They help evacuate perspiration and the sebum, which are naturally produced by the body.
Sometimes these orifices are blocked and oxidize when they come in contact with the air. That is when imperfections, blackheads, and comedos appear.
Pores contribute to balancing the skin, so they are an issue when they are dilated, because they become visible and look like ‘small holes’ on the face. Bad food habits, cosmetics ill-adapted to the skin type, or heredity are all factors related to this problem.
Nonetheless, visible pores do not rhyme with poor health.

Irreproachable skin hygiene
Everyone agrees that this phenomenon is little attractive and wants to get rid of it.
But before camouflaging yourself behind makeup – which actually contributes to blocking pores – there is nothing better than an efficient routine to solve the problem.

Good skin cleansing
To try and recover your smooth skin texture, you need to cleanse your skin ‘in-depth’ to get rid of its impurities.
Choosing to overlook removing makeup at the end of the day is a very bad idea. For the epidermis to be healthy, it needs to be clean.
It is strongly recommended to cleanse your skin with a gentle, not too aggressive skincare product… and to repeat that in the morning and at night.

Quality hydration
Remember hydration is the keystone for a beautiful skin, including oily skins. It is actually the best way to fight against imperfections and pore blocking.
Beware of choosing skincare that suits your skin type, and moisturize your face every day – on a clean face, of course.

Scrubbing/exfoliation worthy of its name
Dead cells do not help pores evacuate the excess of sebum, quite the contrary.
Exfoliation is the ideal way to clean the place. However, make sure you do not choose too abrasive a scrub on your skin and gently massage your face.
These rather ‘caustic’ treatments should not be used more than twice a week.

Efficient mask
To complement this routine, applying a mask once to twice a week is perfect to purify your skin. And a steam bath may be a great ally for you to help open your pores in order to make products better penetrate and thoroughly purify the area.

Well-balanced diet
What you ingest is reflected on your skin: food is the first cosmetic product. A healthy, well-balanced diet may not have an immediate effect on tightening your pores, but it will considerably help balance your skin.
The same goes for nicotine addiction and alcohol abuse: the skin always gets damaged.

And for those of you whose dilated pores withstand cosmetics, the best option is to consult a dermatologist, who will be in a better position to establish a diagnosis and carry out a peeling treatment.
Lastly, more and more ‘blurring’ makeup products are developed by cosmetics brands. If they do not tackle the issue at source, they do help smooth and even out the complexion, at least for a day!


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