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Wednesday, April 12, 2017Advising consumers

Brows: beware of the hornet’s nest!


It has already been quite a while since brows became an essential segment in the cosmetics industry: all brands offer beauty products to take care of them now. And yet, makeup and hair removal in this area does require some practice.

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Joss Devilleneuve, founder of L’Atelier du Sourcil, reveals CosmeticOBS her beauty tips for pretty eyes.

Basic rules

As trivial as it may seem, it is not insignificant to remove your brow hairs. Indeed, brows are meant to structure your face: they define your eyes line and provide your features with homogeneity and personality.
If you intend to try and take care of them yourself – as such, it is not always a good idea – there are a few commandments to be followed.
First, ‘frequent hair removal should be banned. Hairs need some time to grow again,’ Joss Devilleneuve explains. Their growth cycle is quite long, so the more often you remove them, the weaker the bulb gets.
Today, there are several techniques to draw your brows: tweezers, wax, and thread. The last two do require a degree of skill, for those who want to do it themselves. In addition, do not forget that waxing contributes to the appearance of ingrown hairs and ‘atrophies the bulb,’ according to Joss Devilleneuve. She adds that despite the accuracy offered by thread, ‘this technique cuts the hair like a razor, and that is bad news for the hair system.’ …

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