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Beautiful hair requires preparation


Dry, brittle, dull, unmanageable… Sometimes our hair just does exactly as it pleases. And yet, if it makes our lives difficult, there is no doubt it is because it is ill-treated, and it wants it to be known.Healthy hair requires a hair care routine with several steps. Here is a little review of the basics, so you can sport hair worthy of that name.

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First, hair beauty implies to analyze the very nature of your hair. Once you have understood how it works and what it needs, it is easy to use the right beauty routine! And there are three fundamental steps in it.


Finding the right product
The first reflex is to look at your shampoo composition. That is a rule you should never go against, as it is essential for healthy hair.
Whenever possible, avoid shampoos based on silicones and sulfate, because in the long run, hair fibres might just ‘suffocate’. In other words, your hair may lose volume, become dull and heavy.
Also, you should check the presence of perfumes and colourants, which can be found in the shampoo formula. They can be irritant and allergenic after some time.
The choice of shampoo depends on the nature of the hair. For those with specific hair problems (dandruff, lack of volume, hair that gets too oily too soon), better choose a product whose actives contained in the formula actually provide a solution to these issues.
For normal hair, the routine is simplified. A neutral washing base will do, like baby shampoos, for example.
In addition, it is recommended to have a …

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