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Highlighter: a user guide


Highlighter… This term is everywhere in the feminine press, in beauty blogger posts, and in cosmetics points of sale. More than a fad, highlighters seem to be settling for good in the average woman beauty kit. Very well, but what is it? How should it be used? Here is a short lesson for all those – men and women – willing to brighten their complexion, without looking like their Christmas tree.  

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Highlighter: what does it mean?

If the French seem pretty lost with yet a new Anglicism… maybe English-speakers are too! ‘Highlighter’ simply means skin ‘brightener’ here. Now that we have translated it for you, is it not much clearer what it is for? The principle is simple: a highlighter brightens the part of your face you apply it on.  
And it is essential to add that a brightener is a product, not a makeup technique.
As such, the technique is called strobing. The idea is to model the face by highlighting certain light points on the face. Strobing is the contrary of contouring, which aims to redefine the face by working on shades.
Strobing has the advantage of being easier!

Who is it for?

Contrary to some other makeup techniques, strobing is recommended for anyone who wants to boost their complexion’s radiance, although those whose skin tends to be naturally shiny should not overuse it: strobing is actually intended to provide shininess. If you have an oily skin, prefer mattifying makeup.


To brighten your complexion without looking like a disco ball, do not use the highlighter on your whole face. The areas to work on are your cheekbones, …

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