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How to control your curly hair


Supposedly hard to do, frizzy and curly hair wrongly suffers from a bad reputation! Of course, it is drier than Caucasian hair, but it simply needs to be taken care of properly, with adapted products.

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Dryness, brittleness, shapeless curls… Frizzy and curly hair is faced with various issues. And yet, three steps will do to keep it tidy.


Finding the right product
Just like Caucasian people, you should choose your shampoo according to the nature of your hair. And there are shampoos on the market that can help you solve your main problems: lack of shine, dehydration, or dandruff. It is important to read the shampoo composition and try and avoid products based on silicones and sulphates, which damage the hair in the long term.

How often?
Frizzy and curly hair does not need to be washed more than once a week for two reasons.
• It is dry. Contrary to the sebaceous glands of Caucasian scalps, which are round, those of frizzy and curly scalps are egg-shaped, so they produce less sebum. That is the reason why your hair is naturally dry.
• It is fragile. Contrary to what many may think, frizzy or curly hair is not thick. It is actually quite thin, but the mere fact that hairs easily mingle makes the whole look bulky and gives an impression it is just a big mass. So, washing it too often might …

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