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How to fight hair imbalance?


When the hair is weakened and the scalp imbalanced… will any hair treatment do? Of course not. Now, if this is always true, it is even more so when the need appears stronger. Have a glance at the composition of your cosmetic products to avoid any unwelcome ingredient, and head for the most useful ones, while adopting the right gestures.

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It should be emphasized that, as efficient as they may be, hair treatments will never replace internal balance, which is so essential to our hair. Neither will they ever fully compensate for the natural rhythm of seasons (which contributes to increasing hair loss in autumn) or hormonal sequences (which make them get greasy more quickly on particular days of the months)… However, they can be of good help in putting things back in order faster. Provided, of course, they are well-formulated, do not contain cosmetic ingredients to be avoided, and provide good actives.

The cosmetic ingredients to be avoided

Your hair is not feeling too good, so this is not the right moment to put it under more stress and give it a rough time. Instead, start by avoiding all irritant/stifling/destabilizing ingredients…

They are the ones that make shampoos foam, but also damage the scalp. Sodium lauryl sulfate and Ammonium lauryl sulfate are among the least gentle in the cosmetics industry.
Gentle cleansing bases with surfactants derived from sugars (glucoside, glutamate…) or beetroot (betaine) are much more recommended, even for greasy hair, which should not be scoured by any means.

They make the hair soft and easy to …

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