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Top 6 of beauty gestures for a beautiful skin in winter

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It is the same story every year: winter comes with its great charm, but also its drawbacks. And one the first to suffer from it is the skin: greyish complexion, dryness, tightness sensation… we must take good care of it. Here is the Top 6 of the essential gestures to be adopted for a perfect skin in winter.

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Our slogan: hydration!

In winter, the skin is under stress because of the cold, and it tends to get dry faster. As a result, it is important to bank on efficient hydration. But it is also an opportunity to change our beauty routine. Indeed, since the skin has stronger hydration needs than usual, there is no doubt it will need a richer cream. You can turn to skincare formulas based on nourishing shea or cocoa butter, protective beeswax, or vegetable oils (argan, olive, avocado, borage…).

Your hands are also part of the strategy! Do not forget to apply a nourishing cream several times a day. CosmeticOBS has set up a list of the best six hand creams to help you make a choice!

Do not neglect skin cleansing

It is all very well to think about hydration, but it is crucial for your skin to be ready to receive skincare. In other words, it must be clean! We tend to think that removing makeup will do, but it is not always true: it can actually be superficial. To rid your skin of pollution and other impurities accumulated all day, you must use a real, gentle cleanser (gel, milk, micellar water), …

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