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Wednesday, June 20, 2018Advising consumers

Which care program for an oily skin?


Oily skins make many teenagers unhappy (or, even, lead them to feel great misfortunes) every day … but also some adults. Shiny, with pimples and spots: in simple words, the exact opposite of a clean, thin and impeccable skin, which is still the must in the beauty world. Nevertheless, it does not have to be this way, especially if it is treated the right way, with due regard for the specific attention it deserves.

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Oily skin deals mainly with the face, the body being far less concerned … even if its characteristics may go down to the top of the torso and of the back. Further, as good things never come singly, an oily skin is often synonymous with oily hair.
Every specific characteristic requires a suitable product. Thus, every oily area has a suitable cares program.

For the face

Cleansing is the clue to improve the quality of oily skins. Every single day, in the morning and in the evening (yes, EVERY day, every morning AND every evening):
• a cleanser (gel or foam) evenly applied on the entire face, a short massage, then wiped off (do not rub too much!) with a piece of cotton,
• a purifying lotion (better without alcohol; based on refreshing floral waters: rosemary, eucalyptus or mint) to complete cleansing and give the skin some freshness.
Do not clean with soap; avoid rinsing with tap water. This is aggressive and too harsh to the skin. Do not scrub; the movement is gentle, repeated until the last piece of cotton (used to wipe off the lotion) is as white as … cotton.

In the morning, a moisturizing cream, preferably with regulating …

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