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Wednesday, July 4, 2018Advising consumers

Which care program for our hands?


In summer and winter alike, everyday, they have a hard time. Maltreated, out of necessity as well as due to our lack of attention for them, our hands let us know they are in bad condition through dryness, scales and other discomforts. What about giving them a welcome relief using a suitable care, designed only for them?

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Exfoliation, mask, moisturization, protection … do you think these words deal only with face care? Too bad! Your hands also need them, and, once introduced to them, they will ask for more, for sure!


Our hands’ skin shall be resilient. To overcome the numerous aggressions it is subjected to (contact with cleaning products and other pollutions, small or larger repeated impacts, rubbing by many different objects, exposures, several times per day, to cold, heat, water, soap … even to hydro-alcoholic gel), it shall become stronger … and thicken its maltreated epidermis …  Obviously, its smoothness suffers as a result. A weekly exfoliation may vastly help it recover the pleasure of caressing …

With what?
Some exfoliant products are specifically designed for hands. Generally based on grains of sugar (for the mellow effect) or salt (it brings minerals), they are often enriched with vegetable oils and moisturizing ingredients to nurture while exfoliating.

The currently used body exfoliant may also be applied extensively down to the fingertips. Nevertheless, be sure its exfoliant particles are not too harsh (they should never be, even when applied on the body, though some products are … surprising …). Hands like exfoliation, but their so precious …

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