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Saturday, June 13, 2009Authorities

Adverse cosmetic reactions: 2008 figures


As every year, the Afssaps (French Health Products Safety Agency) has just published the Cosmetovigilance figures for 2008. First observation: the number of adverse effects following the use of cosmetic products is increasing.

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 14 June 2009 Since 2004, the Afssaps has set up a system for monitoring and recording adverse reactions due to the use of cosmetics, making it possible to list them and centralise information concerning them in order to prevent them better. This Cosmetovigilance was a French first, which will soon be extended to the whole of Europe, thanks to the provisions of the new Regulation governing cosmetics, which will come into force in 2013. The Cosmetovigilance 2008 results for France have just been published.

Rising figures

 193 adverse reactions were reported in 2008 (compared to 126 in 2007 and 104 in 2004). It should be noted that this consequent increase also reflects an increasingly effective functioning of the Cosmetovigilance system: better listed and must be reported, adverse reactions are thus better identified…  66.5% of them were considered serious, and among them :

  •  19 resulted in hospitalization
  •  9 motivated a work stoppage
  •  4 resulted in incapacity for work

 33.5% were considered not serious.

Reactions mainly of an allergic type

 70% of adverse reactions are allergic in nature. Among the allergic reactions explored, the various tests carried out with the details of each product revealed the following allergens:

  • vitamin K1 oxide
  • glycyrrhetinic …

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