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The new cosmetic naturalnesses after Covid

Les nouvelles naturalités cosmétiques d'après-Covid

Mintel is a market research firm based in London, specialising in the analysis of consumer expectations and innovative trends. Mintel regularly gives appointments on these themes in the Innovation Zone of in-cosmetics Global trade shows. In a videoconference organized on May 27th, Margaux Caron chose to illustrate, through the presentation of recent new cosmetic product launches, the new iterations of naturalness resulting from the Covid-19 pandemic, which she entitled: the new power of Nature.

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The coronavirus crisis has impacted many areas, and the movement has not spared the beauty industry. For Mintel, in this context, naturalness in cosmetics has taken three main forms that will be consolidated in the coming times:
• Healthy Nature: many consumers have accelerated their search for well-being, sustainability and safety to improve their physical and mental health;
• Protective Nature: Immunity is of paramount importance to the beauty industry, especially with natural ingredients accompanied by claims that they are protective;
• Sustainable Nature: science, combined with naturalness, is emerging as a solution for more sustainable sourcing.

Healthy Nature

The Vegan trend

Already identified by Mintel, the trend towards the use of food industry ingredients in cosmetics has expanded to include vitamins, minerals and dietary supplements. Thus, the whole ethical and health dimension that feeds the vegan positioning has inspired a number of beauty product launches and vegan claims have recorded a 44% growth worldwide between July 2018 and June 2020.

Milk Makeup Vegan Milk Moisturizer
Particularly interesting on this theme, this product was launched a few months ago. Its formula clearly targets people who want to avoid animal milks, by replacing them with vegetable …

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