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Wednesday, May 6, 2020Consumers

Who will be the consumer of 2030?

Qui sera le consommateur de 2030 ?

In ten years, society has time to change… as does its population. Perhaps by looking more closely at current trends, it would be possible to draw the contours of the consumer society of the next decade. This is the exercise Mintel has tried, based on data from several countries and the analysis of experts from around the world. Andrew McDougall, Associate Director Beauty and Personal Care at Mintel, shared a preview of predictions for the cosmetics industry at a webinar organised by in-cosmetics Global.

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“The purpose of this exercise is to look at how consumers interact with cosmetics players, in order to extrapolate emerging trends,” explains Andrew McDougall in introduction. “It is important to analyse, right now, what changes are taking place among beauty users. Indeed, focusing on these changes allows brands to have a clearer picture of future expectations.”

 360° Wellness
The average consumer is health conscious. “To illustrate this, our data show us that 87% of Germans are concerned about their physical well-being and 62% believe that their mental balance is essential,” says Andrew McDougall. “It’s clear that this is an important parameter. Therefore, it could be interesting for beauty brands to offer treatments with a more holistic and global approach.”

Cure of youth
Appearance and aging are also part of contemporary concerns.
For example, 87% of Spaniards pay attention to their reflection in the mirror and 75% pay attention to their age.
“Although the majority of consumers questioned on this topic are relatively old, we can see that a growing proportion of 20- and 30-year-old individuals are beginning to be concerned about their youth and the state of their bodies. Getting older is a concern for them and it is up …

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