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Tuesday, December 6, 2022Congresses

Environmental claims: the new framework in practice (1/2)

Allégations environnementales : le nouveau cadre en pratique (1/2)

In France, it is the “AGEC” law with its decrees and orders published for its implementation, as well as the new CNC guide, that are shaking up the rules applicable to environmental claims. In Europe, it is the revision of the “UCP” Directive (Unfair Commercial Practices) which also strongly targets them. During the 20th Perfumes and Cosmetics Congress of the Cosmetic Valley held in Chartres at the end of November, Xavier Guéant and Stéphanie Lumbers, from the FEBEA, detailed the new framework and its practical implications. Focus on the AGEC law and the EQC Decree.

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The new French framework

It all starts with the “AGEC” law n°2020-105 of 10 February 2020 “on the fight against waste and the circular economy”.
It deals more or less directly with certain environmental claims related to cosmetic formulas or products per se, but also with packaging items, and in particular packaging.
Many claims are regulated or even prohibited.

Article 13 deals with endocrine disruptors, substances of concern and claims on packaging.
Article 13-1 has notably given rise to a “EQC” Decree, for Environmental Qualities and Characteristics, published at the end of April 2022. “This decree was long overdue. And we note the time lag between the publication of this decree and the law itself, which raises the question of implementation on 1ᵉʳ January 2023,” commented Xavier Guéant.

The Climate and Resilience Law”

The “Climate and Resilience” law n°2021-1104 of 22 August 2021 “on combating climate change and strengthening resilience to its effects” comes next. It is the result of the work of the Citizens’ Climate Convention and is therefore a citizens’ initiative.
“It is citizens chosen by lot who have put forward proposals that have been taken up by the legislator,” explained Xavier Guéant, “which can sometimes explain …

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