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7 golden rules for the best use of cosmetics

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Some things are known, point. Others, we are sure to know them … while we do it wrong, sometimes! For instance: do you use your cosmetics the best way? Do you know how to get the best from them … and how to avoid the most common errors? A small non-exhaustive list of what to do and of the best behaviours.

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All of us, men, women and children, we use cosmetics. From toothpaste to soap for our hands, from a shower-gel to a foundation or a sunscreen, cosmetics are now an integral part of our daily lives.

Nevertheless, they are not always innocuous. Containing sometimes allergenic or irritating agents, even coming with a harmful potential toward our body, sometimes designed for only one use, excluding all the others, sometimes fragile and able to get some micro-organisms or bacteria … that they will generously spread on your skin, cosmetic products, especially if misused, may become less efficient; they may even be the cause of more or less serious undesirable effects.

Let us avoid this! By using common sense principles, and adopting some good reflexes.

Comply with the lifetime of the product

By being aware of the “Best before” date (date of minimum durability) or/and the “Period after opening” (given by small open jar).

Because these times are precisely calculated by the manufacturer, and because they give the durations and the limits within which the product may be used safely, without losing its stability, its efficiency, neither its resistance to potential contaminations from their environment.

An example?
Do not keep your sunscreens …

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