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Occasional hair loss in women

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Alopecia or hair loss also affects women and can be traumatic, can it be overcome with a simple shampoo or lotion? Without expecting miracles, cosmetic products can at least help to slow down this phenomenon, stimulate hair regrowth and densify hair, and even, as a last resort, mask the most visible effects;

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With an average of 100,000 to 150,000 per head, our hair, like our skin, reveals our health and vitality. If about sixty fall normally per day, beyond 100, the fall is pathological. Temporary or permanent, reactive or hereditary, there are different types of hair loss: baldness, congenital alopecia, localized alopecia, pelade or telogen effluvium, sudden and temporary loss.

The hair cycle

The life of a hair, which can last from 3 years for a man to 6 years for a woman, is a succession of 3 phases during which it grows, persists, regresses then falls. The anagen phase. This is the hair growth phase during which the matrix cells of the bulb actively multiply. The catagen phase. Transition period during which the hair follicle becomes inactive. The telogen phase. This is the elimination phase during which the dead hair, pushed back by another hair in the anagen phase, will fall out.

The succession of these 3 phases is influenced by hormonal and vascular factors. When one of these elements is unbalanced, a large number of hairs, up to 70%, move abnormally and rapidly from the anagen phase to the telogen phase. The hair cycle is accelerated, hair loss is sudden. …

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