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The right cosmetics for hair


Want to have a nice head? You probably need a nice hair! Well cut, combed, neither dull nor greasy nor dead-beat …, and everyday, on top of that! This is like "Mission: Impossible"? Underneath, find some clues and good ideas to face this challenge successfully.

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Before entering a complete review of your care programme, only one question: do you have the right haircut? The one that fits your head shape, is in line with your hair nature, your style? A hair stylist may help you to stop and think, and the minor or not so minor adjustments he would suggest may be an important factor in the way your hairstyle holds, or how healthy your hair is. The hairstyle, it is the main point! The cares that follow will be for its maintenance …

Washing: mild, not too often

Needless to say that a shampoo is not a care. First and foremost, it is a cleanser. It means it must get hair rid of everything that "sticks" to it: natural secretions of sebum, pollution, dust and particles, residues of cosmetics …

A "neutral" shampoo

Indeed, with the help of marketing campaigns, every kind of hair seems to have its specific product: be it thin, oily, dry, curly, dull, dyed, with split ends, weakened, brittle, coarse, with dandruff or set on a sensitive scalp … it is true that active ingredients used to help fix the problem will be far more efficient if in an after-shampoo …

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