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Which skincare programme best suits men’s skin?


It is thicker and more resistant to the effects of time. It gets marked by the signs of ageing later than women’s skin. It is also usually oilier – particularly that of the face – with dilated pores that are not always very clean. It suffers from a lack of skincare, and of daily microcuts due to shaving: it often appears quite damaged, with marked contours and a rather uniform aspect. Yes, men’s skin does need a few… cosmetic attentions. So, time for you to get started, if you haven’t done it yet!

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For some of you – quite a lot actually, we know that – the world of face skincare still very closely resembles an unexplored land. And yet… if the cosmetic product supply is booming in this sector, it shows men consumers do have expectations in this field. Indeed it is undeniable your skin may need it. And you are going to find out these skincare products are good for you, and pleasant to use. Who said cosmetic pleasure was a feminine-related word only?

Basic cleansing

Of course, targeted cleansing is a hygiene gesture that is better adapted and softer to the epidermis than rather rough soap and water washing, or anything that may be done in the shower. However, it also does represent the first skincare routine to be carried out on the specific skin of your face, especially if purifying, sebum regulating, anti-shining, cleansing actives etc. are added to the cleansing base… in short, actives that actually meet your needs.

Ideally, cleansing is to be done each morning for your skin to get rid of the perspiration and sebum generated throughout the night, and each evening to eliminate any traces of dust, pollution, perspiration and sebum accumulated throughout the …

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