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Consumers and the coronavirus

Les consommateurs face au coronavirus

Because all consumers do not have the same buying habits, the trend consultancy Euromonitor has drawn up various portraits robots in order to better understand them. The agency went a little further and analyzed how the current health crisis has disrupted their way of consuming.

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Euromonitor has identified ten typical personalities. For each of them, the key points to know are detailed.

Compulsive shoppers
They are looking for discounts. They like to be aware of the latest trends and want personalized and attractive experiences.
Compulsive shoppers represent 16% of the population and 89% of them use technology to hunt for bargains.
What Covid has changed
“They continue to spend money and value experiments, even if it means they have to switch to virtual options,” says Euromonitor. Their focus is on convenience and value for money. As a result, they are likely to make online purchases from brands with easy-to-use interfaces and those that offer shipping costs.

The Minimalists
They do not attach much importance to their image and tend to live modestly.
Saving money is a key notion. This type of person is not likely to be interested in luxury or non-essential products.
13% of the population is minimalist, as described by Euromonitor.
For 56% of them, taking their time is essential and can be used to discover new things. They live with little, but are turned towards others.
What the Covid has changed
They further support local commerce by making environmentally friendly and sustainable …

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