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Eczema and coronavirus

Eczéma et coronavirus

Eczema is a chronic inflammatory disease. It is characterized by persistent and painful dry skin. The health recommendations in force, induced by the Covid-19 crisis, do not contribute to the improvement of the condition of people affected by this disease. It is therefore with a view to support and advice that the French Eczema Association (in partnership with experts from La Roche Posay), organized a master class broadcast on the Internet on February 16, 2021.

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“In almost every country in the world, the wearing of a mask is mandatory in public places. But it can also cause pruritus, erythema and allergic contact dermatitis, and lead to a worsening of skin diseases,” explains the AFE.

In order to better understand the problems that patients suffering from eczema may encounter during the Covid-19 period, the organization conducted a study between June 1 and 17, 2020, on a panel of 321 people. All the respondents answered an online questionnaire, anonymously.
The survey, which has just been published in the scientific journal JEADV (Journal of the European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology), focused on the different perceptions and symptoms related to wearing a mask.

Among the 321 participants:
• 45% revealed that they systematically wear a mask outdoors (at the time of the survey, wearing a mask was not mandatory, editor’s note)
• 31% admitted that they did not go out because they did not want to wear a mask
• 71% reported a feeling of warmth
• 54% reported feeling excessive sweating
• 8% reported an exacerbation of itching
• 31% were tingly
• 53% said that the mask protects them from the gaze of others …

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