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Tuesday, June 15, 2021Covid

Post Covid-19: the challenges of the cosmetics industry

Post Covid-19 : les enjeux de la filière cosmétique

As the world begins to emerge from the crisis, what are the new codes of society? During a morning of conferences organized by the Franco-Japanese Exchange Committee on June 8, 2021, Audrey Roulin, beauty director of the trend agency Nelly Rodi, drew the contours of this post-pandemic society. She also gave keys to help cosmetics professionals to better understand consumers’ expectations.

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We are living through an unprecedented time when people around the world have had to deal with the unthinkable and new threats,“ begins Audrey Roulin. “According to an Ipsos study from February 2021, we know that nearly two thirds of citizens surveyed in 27 countries say that things are going in the wrong direction and that the coronavirus remains the main global concern. A health, economic and social crisis also means a crisis of confidence. And that generates tensions with strong polarizations.”

A world at odds
The crisis has not brought new issues to the fore, rather it has acted as a catalyst and deepened the extremes that clash. According to the expert, we can observe, for example, a rise in artificial intelligence as well as a desire to regain human contact. We are witnessing both a desire of citizens to become their own boss and the absolute necessity to keep a stable job as an employee. These multiple dualities are also present when we talk about environmental or societal issues. “For example, should we make sustainable development desirable or should we move towards a punitive ecology? How can we address the issue of inclusiveness without excluding anyone?.”

The challenges …

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