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Wednesday, March 24, 2021Covid

The effects of Covid-19 on consumers

Les effets du Covid-19 sur les consommateurs

After more than a year of health crisis, what have been the repercussions of the coronavirus on our lives and on our consumption habits? Philippe Jourdan, Associate Founder of the research firm Promise Consulting, conducted a survey on the effects of Covid-19 on consumers. On the occasion of the Beauty Business organized by the WEG on March 4, he presented the first figures.

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The pandemic highlighted the need to do good. And one year later, this notion is still very much alive. A consumer panel was surveyed at the beginning of the first half of 2021.

Their major concerns are:
• Taking care of their health (44%)
• Taking care of their appearance (35%)
• Focusing on wellness purchases (13%)

The Covid-19 crisis also marked a return to “cocooning” and a refocusing on intimate circles.
Thus the panel declares :
• Taking more care of their loved ones and family (37%)
• Give priority to their living environment (37%)
• Taking care of their home (32%)
• Taking distance from work (18%)

And these results are reflected in the exodus of urban dwellers to quieter areas or the increase in the number of visits to DIY and interior design stores.
With the injunction to keep the home, people naturally wanted to set up a space in which they feel comfortable. Logical.

Innovation and sustainability

The crisis has also highlighted an increased need for novelty, but not at any price.
For 40% of respondents, innovation means inventing products that meet the challenges of our time (environment, global warming, social responsibility, etc.).
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