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Thursday, May 27, 2021Covid

The artificial intelligence boom in the age of coronavirus

Le boom de l'intelligence artificielle à l'heure du coronavirus

Telecommuting and confinement have largely encouraged consumers to pay more attention to the condition of their skin, at the expense of makeup. But with the closing of cosmetic stores, many people have been using artificial intelligence tools to analyze their skin for individual advice. Perfect Corp’s YouCam Makeup app just conducted a study that explores the surge in the use of skin care diagnostics.

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Covid-19 has defined a new paradigm of beauty. Less makeup, more care. Mandatory masking also played a role as more and more consumers fell victim to maskne and sought solutions to care for their challenged epidermis.
As a result of this notable shift toward skincare, 26 million users tried the YouCam Makeup Skin Score virtual experience in 2020 globally,“ says Perfect Corp. “In the U.S., there was an 11% increase in Skin Score engagement between February and March 2020, the start of pandemic closures. In the U.S., the months with the highest Skin Score engagement were March, April, May and June, the period of strict lockdown.”

Who has the best skin?

When users use YouCam Makeup Skin Score, they take a selfie and the app analyzes their skin based on various criteria (blemishes, wrinkles, skin texture and dark circles). A score out of 100 is then delivered.

Perfect Corp looked at the data from users around the world. The citizens with the highest scores are:
• The Chinese (85.4/100)
• The Brazilians (83,7/100)
• The Japanese (82.9/100)
• The French (82,6/100)
• The Americans (81,6/100)
• The Swiss (81.4/100)
• The Singaporeans (81.3/100)
• The Emiratis (81.3/100)
• The New …

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