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Cosmetic tests in stores: new rules, new gestures

Tests de cosmétiques en magasins : nouvelles règles, nouveaux gestes

With the new constraints imposed by the health crisis due to Covid-19, the testing of make-up and perfume products at the point of sale must be totally rethought to guarantee maximum consumer protection. Beyond the guidelines published by French FEBEA, players in the sector are imagining new solutions, like the Arcade Beauty group, which has reconsidered its entire offer with this aim in mind.

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In its Guidelines: COVID-19 prevention, distancing and cosmetic products - Application to retail stores, FEBEA states that “precise measures should be put in place to enable consumers to test cosmetic products before purchase,” and gives some advice:
• No longer make testers freely available
• Allow testing only through sales advisors, who are responsible for taking a sample of the product using a clean, cleansed and disinfected instrument, before applying it to the consumer’s hand
• Ensure the cleaning of the tester after each test…

Packaging solutions

However, other options are emerging. Thus, Arcade Beauty, specialist in samples and monodoses of perfumes, make-up and skincare products, has reconsidered its entire offer in recent weeks to propose new solutions, from the test dose board to be detached by the sales consultant to the unit dose on display.
A few examples.

For lip make-up

To be apply directly on the lips, for a full lip application.

A mini shade applicator for a real test.

Lipseal or thermo doses
Available in a variety of single-dose formats or in peel-off boards to be distributed on request by the beauty advisor.

For eye make-up

(MEDIA-57149 …

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