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Tuesday, December 1, 2020Covid

Covid-19: a new generation of consumers

Pauline Martin

New typologies of cosmetic users regularly appear according to trends and the socio-economic context. And it is clear that the coronavirus has also given rise to new profiles. In order to learn more about these “Covid-19” consumers, Pauline Martin, Operational Marketing & Communications Manager at Givaudan, presented their profile during a webinar broadcast on November 26, 2020.

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“Individuals are adapting to a new way of life, leading to changes in behavior and needs that should intensify to respond to the reality induced by the health crisis,” introduces Pauline Martin. “Having passed the stage of astonishment and extreme anxiety at the time of the first containment, the citizens of this world are, for the most part, quite optimistic and confident about the future.”

New consumption habits

The coronavirus has exacerbated certain behaviors in beauty users.
According to Pauline Martin, there are four of them.

The search for well-being
The first containment saw an increase in home care. More than ever, people are looking for a sense of well-being. They are looking for 360-degree wellness,“ says Pauline Martin. “88% of consumers believe that there is a very close link between beautiful skin and mental health. 70% of Chinese people say they pay more attention to their state of mind.”

The quest for eco-responsibility
Cosmetic users want their care to have a positive impact on the planet.
According to figures revealed by Givaudan, 63% of Germans buy only locally developed skincare products and 51% of Indians are consuming more natural products than before.

The desire to be safe
Since the …

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