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Covid-19: How did you experience the second lockdown?

Covid-19 : comment avez-vous vécu le deuxième confinement ?

How did you experience the crisis? After the first deconfinement in France, CosmeticOBS had asked this question to its readers, thinking, like everyone else, that it would be the only time. Six months later, after the second lockdown, the same survey was launched, this time with the idea of measuring how things had evolved in six months of health crisis and uncertainty as to its end. Its lessons, not necessarily surprising, are nevertheless edifying. And not necessarily very encouraging…

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We know that cosmetics is a very feminine field. The distribution of respondents to this survey proves it once again:
• 12% are male
• 88% are female

Among them:
• 31% are manufacturers
• 20% of ingredient suppliers
• 10% of the consultants
• 39% have another function

On an individual level, the “CosmeticOBSians” are still a majority (59%) to have experienced this second lockdown rather well.
The habit, since it has become one, plays its role:
“This second lockdown is more organised, and gives more freedom than the first one”
“Barrier gestures have become routine and pose fewer problems”
And the advantages of the situation, already mentioned during the first confinement, are still present:
“No public transport, no waste of time…”
“Less stress”

34% of respondents disagree with this view and indicate that they did not experience it well, a feeling that is reinforced by the season. The reasons most often mentioned :
• Weariness of being locked up
• Isolation
• The depressing winter period and shorter days
• The impression of having less leisure time…

The impact on work organisation

Another lesson from this survey is that the …

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