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Covid-19: how have beauty users evolved?

Covid-19 : comment les utilisateurs de beauté ont-ils évolué ?

The time has come to restart. More than ever, professionals of the cosmetics industry will have to be attentive to the needs of consumers burned by the Covid-19 crisis. To help them get on the right track and keep in mind the emerging post-coronavirus trends, Vivienne Rudd, beauty director of the research firm Mintel, presented some data at a WeCosmoprof conference.

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“One of the fears shared by a majority of consumers is linked to the economy,” begins Vivienne Rudd’s preamble. In the UK, 79% of consumers believe that the Covid-19 epidemic will have a negative impact on unemployment and 70% imagine that the cost of living will rise. In Germany, 42% think that the coronavirus will reduce their household income, while 51% say it will affect the value of their savings and investments. The fear is real.""

As a result, a fringe of the population is starting to cut back a little on their beauty budget.
36% of Chinese, 17% of French and 27% of Italians have chosen to spend less on cosmetics.
Bad news? Not so much, it only concerns a minority of consumers.
“Moreover, we realize that with containment, they pay more attention to them. They use more moisturizers and care products for their hair. This is particularly noticeable in Poland and Spain.”

Take care of yourself

While the coronavirus has raised legitimate economic anxiety, it has also highlighted the importance of taking care of one’s body. Indeed, users explain that cosmetics are used to :
• Make themselves feel good
• Contribute to their balance
• Reduce …

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