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Tuesday, November 17, 2020Covid

Covid-19: the effect of lockdown on consumers

Maya Zawislak

The coronavirus crisis is still not contained and many countries have reconfirmed their populations. Since its inception, the pandemic has been responsible for the decline in certain consumption habits. In order to see how user behavior has been disrupted, Kantar studied the issue and presented its results at the Sustainable Cosmetic Summit EU Virtual Edition on November 4, 2020.

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Before Covid-19 hit, Europe was already facing a simplification of care routines,“ introduced Maya Zawislak, Strategic Insight Director. “Between 2015 and 2019, there is a loss of four beauty treatments per week, a decrease of 7%. From then on, make-up was the branch that suffered the most from this decline.” According to the expert, this phenomenon can be explained by a change in needs and values. A return to basics, in short.

Consequences of confinement

The restraining order has further diminished the beauty opportunities for consumers.
While there has been an average decrease of -0.2 occasions per month since 2016, this figure dropped to -2 at the beginning of the confinement.
Overall, the cosmetics sector in Europe has fallen by 43% in terms of usage occasions. But not all branches have been impacted in the same way.
For example, there was some growth in oral, dental, body and facial care.
Deodorants, hair care, grooming and hair removal products experienced losses of between -5 and 0%.
Perfume and makeup declined by more than 25%. Staying at home significantly reduced the opportunities for cosmetic applications. In the same way that the peak of use traditionally observed between 7/8 a.m. and 8/9 a.m. …

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