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Tuesday, January 5, 2021Covid

Covid-19: the year 2020 from the CEW's point of view

Covid-19 : l’année 2020 vue par le CEW

With the impact of Covid-19 on the beauty industry in mind, it might be interesting to take a positive view and see how the coronavirus has helped the industry to improve. With this in mind, CEW France asked its members how the pandemic has changed their way of working and what motivates them to move forward. The results were presented during the E-Journée de la Beauté broadcast on December 11, 2020.

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“I see a red door, and I want it painted black”, sang The Rolling Stones. It is true that for many people, the year 2020 has been quite dark and upheaval. But even in total darkness, there is always some light.
Looking ahead to the future, the CWE interviewed 40 of its members and asked three questions:
• What has definitely changed for you?
• What initiatives in the sector have made a difference to you?
• What motivates you to move forward?

Ten key words emerged from this short survey that illustrate the year 2020.

For CEW members, the pandemic has accelerated the technological transition of the cosmetics industry. The sector has truly metamorphosed.
They explain having observed in eight months a transformation representing ten years of development.
There are (digital) solutions for almost everything. We won’t come back to the situation before Covid,“ they confide.

Home working
The obligation to stay home has changed the way we work. The respondents declare that teleworking is widely established in the cosmetics industry, except for operational positions, of course. This change was seen by many as a revolution.
Some confide that they miss the physical relational aspect at a business …

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