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How are the French reacting to the health crisis?

Comment les Français réagissent-ils à la crise sanitaire ?

Arriving without warning, the coronavirus hit France hard in mid-March 2020. The government has taken drastic measures to curb the crisis, such as confining the population and closing non-essential places. To better understand the repercussions of this exceptional situation, Kantar organized a webinar. Elements to understand the state of mind of the French people and the implications for brands, including cosmetic brands.

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For the past few weeks, an anxiety-provoking climate has hovered over France. Kantar’s figures reveal that 76% of fellow citizens are concerned about their health.
This very high number echoes the mistrust that the French feel towards barrier gestures.

Indeed, 46% of them are afraid of falling ill despite the government’s health containment and recommendations.
This concern is not just an individual one.
88% of the French say they are worried about the rest of the population, 87% fear the impact of Covid-19 on other parts of the world, and 83% are concerned about the condition of their loved ones.

“This state of anxiety is found in all countries, but transversally, one is more worried about the collective than about oneself,” says Kantar.

Economic worries

66% of the population believe that their resources and standard of living have been affected.
In the longer term, concern persists about the economic consequences.
“62% of French people think it will take a long time for the economy to recover. This will have an impact on employment and on companies in difficulty.”

New purchasing behavior
Fears of a loss of salary and new constraints on purchasing mean that some French people are paying more …

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