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Maskne: drop the masks!

Maskné : bas les masques !

As part of the fight against Covid-19, the wearing of masks has become mandatory in France and many other countries. If this measure proves to be useful to limit the spread of the virus, it causes in some people acne flare-ups, called “maskne”. Dr. Deshayes, consulting dermatologist for L’Oréal, answered CosmeticOBS’ questions in order to lift the veil on this phenomenon.

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CosmeticOBS: What is the maskne ?

Dr. Deshayes: The contraction of the English words mask and acne formed the term “maskne”. It defines the lesions that occur as a result of wearing a mask. These are inflammatory manifestations, appearing most often in a person prone to acne or redness.

CosmeticOBS: How can this phenomenon be explained?

Dr. Deshayes: The mask has physical consequences (rubbing, irritation) that can promote an inflammatory flare-up of acne. In addition, it changes the atmosphere on the surface of the epidermis, leading to an increase in sebum secretion and an alteration of the surface flora (microbiome), whose role in the genesis of acne is well known.

CosmeticOBS: Does it affect all skin types?

Dr. Deshayes: Maskne concerns oily skin with an acneic tendency. The sebaceous orifices become blocked, resulting in the formation of retentional lesions (microcysts and blackheads), a kind of “time bomb”, which under certain circumstances (hormonal changes, handling, wearing the mask) can be the site of inflammatory flare-ups.

CosmeticOBS: How can this new skin condition be prevented in the long term?

Dr. Deshayes: By continuing basic acne treatments to eliminate retentional (keratolytic) lesions, but they can be irritating.
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