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Sereni-Clean: the new must for perfumes in Covid-19 time

Sereni-Clean : le nouveau must pour les parfums en temps de Covid-19

At the dawn of this new decade, the whole world has been affected by the shockwave of the Covid-19. Since lockdown and quarantine, consumers are adopting new behaviours and experiencing new emotions. Faced with this challenge, perfume brands are asking themselves: what are these new emotions, what do they mean for the industry? Firmenich, creator of perfumes and aromas, has conducted an extensive study to understand this.

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The Firmenich study was carried out in eleven countries representing 55% of the world’s population*, including the American continents, Europe and Asia. It shows that the importance of perfume has increased since the health crisis. For example, during lockdown, 56% of the world’s population declared that they appreciate perfumes more than before the crisis. Similarly, 56% also derive a greater feeling of comfort from it than in normal times.

Ilaria Resta, President, Global Perfumery explains: “For consumers exposed to stressful situations, the perfume reinforces feelings of security, calm and cheerfulness. Our latest study shows that it is becoming increasingly important for different consumer profiles. The choice of a specific fragrance and the different types of scented products is becoming an essential argument.”

Catherine Ducret, Director Digital Consumer Insights, adds : “Today, we are seeing a real shift in consumer demand towards perfumes that evoke feelings of security, cleanliness and serenity. We have named Sereni-Clean™ these new emotional expectations very popular with consumers.”

68% of the study participants admitted that quarantine measures had a major impact on their lifestyle and emotional well-being. In addition, they have conflicting feelings such as fear, insecurity, as well as love and care for others. Consumers …

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