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Innovations in facial nutrition

Innovations dans la nutrition du visage

The new exercise of winter nutrition oscillates between frank innovations and sure values. On the one hand, new products that mimic the famous Vernix Caseosa for babies at birth, the first nourishing mask in stick form, or a mysterious purple oil-cream to correct the yellowing of mature skin. On the other hand, tried and true ingredients (like shea butter) are revisited in green mode, i.e. more ethical than ever and with refillable jars.

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The newest

No less than five omegas that act in synergy for Novexpert’s new certified organic and 100% natural omegas range, which is coming out in January (Protective Rich Cream, Extra Rich Repair Cream, 40 ml, €39.95 each, Ultra-Nourishing SOS Mask, 50 ml, €29.95). With an amazing complex of plant butters, modeled on Vernix Caseosa, the extraordinary nourishing fluid that protects babies’ skin at birth.
This line for dry and very dry skin, or skin with an atopic tendency, is also compatible with pregnant and breast-feeding women, like all Novexpert products. Another original feature: why choose between intense nutrition and global anti-aging? These non-greasy balms certainly nourish and soothe, but they also regenerate in depth. All without preservatives and with a postbiotic that regulates the skin flora.
Efficiency tests speak for themselves: up to 99% less visible flakes, 88% more skin sebum, 100% satisfaction with the immediate comfort felt.

For its part, La Rosée has created its first Nourishing Stick Mask (50 ml, €17.90). Like most solid formats, it is formulated without water or preservatives, with organic sweet almond oil, beeswax and sunflower oil (100% natural ingredients).
It eliminates redness and comforts the skin by offering a real …

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