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Thursday, December 23, 2021Focus on French Launches

The geto in the skin!

Le géto dans la peau !

Cultivated on the Okinawa archipelago in Japan (known for its population of centenarians), geto extract (also called “paradise flower” or “ginger shell”) is the anti-aging active ingredient that is currently buzzing. Rich in multiple polyphenols (therefore powerfully antioxidant), it preserves the skin’s youthfulness and promotes cell regeneration. It can be found in effective anti-aging skin care products.

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The geto or getto (INCI: Alpinia Zerumbet Leaf Extract) is a plant that consists of clusters of white flowers with a yellow heart streaked with red, surrounded by large green leaves. These are mainly used in cosmetics, although everything is good in the geto (roots, leaves, flowers …).
From the ginger family, it is distinguished from other plants by its incredible resilience. Indeed, the geto grows on the Okinawa islands and resists to the often extreme climatic conditions: strong UV radiation, humid and hot weather, abundant rainfall, very strong sea winds and sometimes even typhoons. The inhabitants consume it in infusions or in their traditional recipes (such as muchi, eaten in winter, which brings strength, vigor and health) and women have used it as an elixir of youth for centuries.
It is full of flavonoids and sterols and especially resveratrol, whose antioxidants help slow down skin aging.

Cinq Mondes dedicates its most luxurious anti-aging skin care line to it, called Géto Suprême Rituel d’Okinawa, Japan (Le Sérum, Régénération Cellulaire Ultime à l’extrait de géto d’Okinawa, 30 ml, €290; The Cream, Ultimate Cellular Regeneration with Okinawa geeto extract, 50 ml, €290; The Eye and Lip Contour, Ultimate Cellular Regeneration with Okinawa …

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