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The cosmetics market in Belgium

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The Observatoire des Cosmétiques initiates a partnership with Business France (national public operator at the service of the internationalisation of the French economy). On the program: points to facilitate cosmetic export, alerts to participate in meetings with potential foreign partners, summary sheets presenting international markets. First of this series with the Belgian market.

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In Belgium, the cosmetics market is very open, massively importing and very diversified, and there are many international brands. Large-scale distribution accounts for the bulk of distribution, supplemented by independent specialist chains and stores, professionals (institutes, spas, salons) and pharmacies/parapharmacies.

Key points

- The sector achieved a turnover of EUR 2.06 billion in 2014, 1.6% more than in 2013. - The majority of consumers are women (81.9%). - Flanders is the region with the highest average consumption of cosmetics (687 EUR/year), ahead of Wallonia (597 EUR/year) and Brussels (548 EUR/year). - We can observe a move upscale market, high-end products growing faster (+3.4%) in 2013 than mass products (+2.3%). - Local production is very low and mainly located in Flanders and Walloon Brabant. - France is Belgium's leading supplier of cosmetics (which is France's eighth customer in this sector for an amount of USD 590.6 million in 2014 (-2.6% compared to 2013). - Belgium's logistics activities make it a country that imports and exports cosmetic products.

Market segmentation and evolution

The products most consumed are face and body care, perfumes, hair products and make-up, the latter progressing more rapidly. The market is expected to expand further, with growth of 5.2% …

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