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Cosmetic packaging: zero-waste target

Pierre Meurice

As a result of the environmental crisis, the majority of companies are committed to limiting their impact on the planet. Beauty manufacturers are careful to keep their formulas to a minimum… but they are also concerned about the fate of the packaging they put on the market. Pierre Meurice, from Sustain’Innov, explained to the visitors of the ADF PCD exhibition the merits of zero waste.

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The life cycle of a packaging is reflected upstream. Selecting the right raw materials is essential. “Of course, it is preferable that they are recyclable, but above all they should be recycled, biosourced, renewable and compostable. We first think about the most viable solution so that the waste can be revalorized and returned to the circuit,” advises Pierre Meurice.

Committed consumers

For consumers, the commitment of brands to greater sustainability is very important. Pierre Meurice presented some figures from a study carried out by Greenflex, conducted in 2017, on 3800 panelists aged 15 to 74. The respondents indicated :
• 67.6% trust environmentally conscious brands
• 52.9 % buy ethical and certified organic products
• 31.8% separate from the superfluous at
• 14% reduce their overall consumption This data should finally convince the least motivated companies to adopt an eco-friendly approach.

Industry actions

L’Oréal developed the SPOT (Sustainable Product Optimisation Tool) in 2017, a tool for rating products according to their manufacture and formula.
“With this system, buyers can decipher in a few minutes whether what they are holding in their hands is environmentally and socially friendly, and therefore whether it meets their expectations. It is an ideal indicator to …

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