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Friday, September 16, 2022Packaging news

Packaging gets a makeover

L'emballage fait peau neuve

Packaging is at the heart of all discussions. If they are essential in some cases, they must now display the best possible environmental profile. On the occasion of the Cosmetopole meeting on packaging innovation, organized by Cosmed on September 15, 2022, Fabrice Peltier, an expert consultant in packaging ecodesign, presented the areas of innovation to consider for the packaging sector.

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The packaging sector is undergoing a major transformation. As early as 2018, Fabrice Peltier had caught the first signals of this transformation.
“First of all, it was the legislators who rang the bell,” he explains. New laws (AGEC, Climate and Resilience…) were passed and forced manufacturers to change their packaging models. “The consumer is also a driving force in this revolution. Brands and retailers have also begun to turn to more environmentally friendly packaging solutions.”

Creating new solutions

According to Fabrice Peltier, there are three streams to explore: paper/cardboard, plastics, and reuse and repurposing. “All of these solutions are models of experimentation that manufacturers can draw on to design new alternatives,” he comments.

Paper and cardboard

Cardboard packaging, without plastic
Many cosmetic brands are choosing to package their products in cardboard packs. This is the case of Yves Rocher, which offers eye shadow boxes (without mirror to avoid any plastic insert) or Sanex with two deodorant references enclosed in cardboard. “For a long time, make-up professionals explained that plastic blisters were mandatory to avoid theft of their products. Today, there are cardboard solutions that are just as effective.”

Cardboard packaging with separable plastic
For obvious reasons of watertightness, liquid cosmetics …

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