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Wednesday, September 7, 2022Packaging news

Sustainable packaging: Americans say yes!

Packagings durables : les Américains disent oui !

A survey was conducted by Shor, a packaging supplier, to find out how sensitive Americans are to more environmentally friendly packaging. The results of the study show a strong interest from these consumers for more responsible solutions.

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The survey was conducted among a sample of 1,113 Americans from across the United States.
Since the beginning of the pandemic, 57% of respondents say they have made efforts to purchase products that are packaged in a responsible manner.
“59% of respondents say they consciously chose certain products over others because they were sustainably packaged,” says Shor.

But Americans want to go further. 68% would be willing to give up a brand they are usually loyal to and buy another one because it has a planet-friendly package. Panelists’ beliefs are stronger than inflation. Despite soaring prices, respondents prefer to spend more as long as the environmental profile of the consumer good is positive.

The importance of transparency

The general public wants to know what they are consuming, and they are looking to the industry for help in making this clear. Packages bearing the sustainable label are popular with customers. More than one in three respondents said they had avoided a product because the packaging was not labeled as responsible. “69% of those surveyed said they were more likely to buy an item when it had a clear symbol or wording stating the characteristics of the packaging.”

Moreover, Americans want to …

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