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Thursday, July 21, 2022Packaging news

AGEC law: draft decree to modify the specifications of the eco-organisations of the EPR sector for household packaging

Loi AGEC : projet d’arrêté pour modifier le cahier des charges des éco-organismes de la filière REP des emballages ménagers

On 13 July 2022, the French Ministry of Ecological Transition launched a public consultation on a draft Order to modify the approval procedure and specifications of eco-organisations in the EPR sector for household packaging. It is intended to extend the current approval for this sector by one year and to introduce the provisions of the AGEC law which come into force in 2023.

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The main changes made to the specifications of the sector

Updating the general objectives set out in the specifications
The draft order updates and completes the specifications on several general objectives:
• Prevention and reduction of household waste
• Specific targets for single-use plastic packaging provided for by Decree No. 2021-517 of 29 April 2021 (“3R” Decree)
• Target of 100% recycled plastic by 2025
• Targets related to the reuse of packaging
The general recycling target of 75% in 2022 is renewed for 2023.

Consumer awareness of the whistleblower scheme
The approved eco-organisations for household packaging management are required to propose a system for reporting packaging deemed to be excessive. The draft specifications update the provisions relating to the modulation of contributions and include the principle of taking these reports into account in the modulation proposals made by the approval holders.

Completion of the programme for the extension of sorting bins
On the basis of the foreseeable level of progress of the extension of sorting instructions at the end of 2022 (only 91 sorting centres out of 124 should be in production for the extension of sorting instructions according to definitive methods), the draft decree provides, from 2023 onwards, …

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