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Tuesday, January 18, 2022Packaging news

Ecodesign of cosmetic packaging: a call for projects from Citeo

Écoconception des emballages cosmétiques : un appel à projets de Citeo

Citeo is continuing its Research and Development programme by launching a new call for projects dedicated to the beauty and cosmetics sector. The objective is to develop innovative and industrialisable solutions to reduce the environmental impact of packaging in this sector, in particular by improving its recyclability.

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The AGEC law sets a framework for packaging in France: reduction in the amount of packaging placed on the market, reduction of plastic, development of reuse and 100% recyclable packaging by 2030.

In this context, work on the eco-design and re-use of packaging is accelerating. Since 2011, Citeo has been conducting a €7.5 million Research and Development programme to limit the environmental impact of packaging, improve recyclability and develop new recycling channels.

The call for projects

For many years, Citeo has been helping companies in the cosmetics sector to meet regulatory targets, as well as their own eco-design targets, which are often even more ambitious. Some cosmetic packaging such as tubes, glass and plastic bottles and cardboard boxes are already recyclable. After having designed a practical guide to designing recyclable packaging with the FEBEA (Federation of Beauty Companies), Citeo and its subsidiary Adelphe are launching their first sectoral call for projects for packaging that is not yet recyclable. The aim is to detect eco-design innovations, support their development and enable their dissemination to all the players concerned in order to develop the market.

Projects should focus on improving the recyclability of household packaging currently made of plastic, by remaining in …

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