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Tuesday, June 1, 2021Packaging news

L'Oréal launches a new kind of plastic bottle

L'Oréal lance un flacon plastique d'un nouveau genre

After developing a cardboard bottle, nothing seems to stop L’Oréal in terms of packaging innovation. The heavyweight has just announced that, in partnership with LanzaTech and Total, it has succeeded in designing sustainable packaging from captured and recycled carbon emissions.

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What if carbon emissions could be transformed? That’s the challenge that L’Oréal, Total and LanzaTech (a company specializing in carbon recovery) have taken up.
The result of this three-way collaboration is the first eco-responsible packaging made from CO2 emissions.

The process consists of three steps:

• LanzaTech captures industrial carbon emissions and converts them into ethanol using a unique biological process.
• Total uses an innovative dehydration technique developed with IFP Axens to convert ethanol into ethylene, which is then polymerized into polyethylene with all the characteristics of its fossil equivalent.
• L’Oréal uses the polyethylene produced to manufacture packaging.

This technological success demonstrates that plastic packaging can be created from industrial carbon emissions. This world first reflects the commitment of the three partners to imagine a sustainable plastics economy while opening up new opportunities for capturing and reusing industrial carbon emissions. We are committed to continuing this collaboration in the manufacture of greener plastics on a larger scale while welcoming all those who are also ready to embrace the use of these more responsible plastics,” says L’Oréal.

The goal is to make carbon circular and to end single use. L’Oréal aims to use this material by 2024 to …

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