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Packaging: the golden path of ecodesign

Packaging : la voie royale de l'écoconception

Plastic, the enemy of modern times, has invaded land and sea. Stopping its proliferation is more than necessary because of the environmental damage caused. Today, the cosmetics industry is engaged in a process of sustainable development in order to limit its impact on the planet. One of the main lines of thought is to create packaging that is more respectful of nature and can be recycled well. Here’s a brief look at the latest innovations in this area.

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For more than 10 years, L’Oréal has been carrying out in-depth work on the recyclability of its packaging.
The group is committed to improving the environmental and social profile of 100% of its products.
After having eradicated PVC from its raw materials, preferring biosourced plastics, the group is now focusing on plant fibres, with the aim of manufacturing bottles.
“We are launching a novelty in the cosmetics sector: the paper bottle. This project marks a step in reducing the environmental footprint of our skincare products,” explains L’Oréal. If we want to accelerate the sustainable transformation of our industry, collaboration with other players and expert suppliers is essential to find breakthrough solutions and deploy them on a large scale. The paper bottle is a great opportunity for greener packaging and from the very first steps, we were very committed to implement this major breakthrough for the cosmetics sector. Our goal is ambitious: to create a biosourced and recyclable packaging. It will also meet the same level of requirements in terms of quality and customer experience as the one it will replace. We plan to launch it on the market in 2021, with the La Roche-Posay and Kiehl’s" brands.

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